The possibilities of someone wanting to hire a rental van or UTE are quite numerous, and you should know the basic differences between the two vehicles before you hire them. Rental services often offer additional options such as trucks, however, vans and UTE vehicles are the most popular choices.

Depending on your situation and what you are planning to do with the vehicle, you will want to one way UTE hire from Go With The Gecko or your local reputable provider. It is very important that you visit a rental service that has a lot of positive feedback because nobody wants a bad experience, especially if it can involve overpaying for unwanted services.

UTE and its benefits

It is known that UTEs are the main vehicle of choice among Queenslanders, and it has to be mentioned that double cab 4WD UTEs are one of the top sellers in many countries. While UTEs do have a very good reputation when it comes to quality and sales, are they actually the vehicle that you should go for?

The main reason why UTEs are so popular is that of the number of people that it can carry. It can easily transport five people that can bring a bunch of gear along. Besides that, UTEs are known to be incredible for off-road driving as you will be able to keep perfect control even if the roads are bumpy.

While this is not important to some, it is to many, and that is that UTAs come in all kinds of designs. For those who care about designs, this means that there are much higher chances for you to find the perfect vehicle in terms of looks. There are plenty of rental providers who offer UTAs, however, make sure to check out the reviews before you decide to hire.

Going off-road makes a UTE vehicle the perfect choice

Perks of renting a van

Vans have always been the go-to vehicle for many that are into trading and transporting items. It has been a “signature” vehicle of a tradesman/woman long ago, and even today, you will still see them pulling to your house in one of these vehicles.

The biggest trump card that a van has over a UTE is definitely all of the extra space that it provides. There are various sizes that vans come in, but even the smallest versions offer a decent amount of space, while the other ones offer an incomparable amount when put next to a UTA.

Another perk when it comes to all of that space is that vans are fully closed, which means that the rain or snow is not really going to be a problem while it can sometimes be quite a hassle while driving through some rain in a UTA.

While we mentioned that UTAs have quite a lot when it comes to design, vans are usually very limited, and besides the logos printed on them, they will most likely look the same. Either way, you should check out and try to hire UTE and van vehicles from Go With The Gecko if they are in your area, and if not, your local provider with similar standards is always a good choice.

You can transport all of your items at once when you rent a van

Final Word

Both of the mentioned vehicles have their benefits, and which one you will rent is completely up to you as both of them are very good for certain situations. UTEs are great for off-road and transporting people with some gear while vans are more of an urban vehicle used for transporting furniture and other bigger items.