Depression has reached pandemic proportions all over the globe, with over 50 lakh people affected by the silently progressing killer disease in India alone. Unfortunately, in our culture, there is heavy stigma associated with mental illness, which prevents most people from stepping up and talking about their depression even with close friends and family, let alone see a psychiatrist and ask for formalized help.

This is counterintuitive to the nature of depression and makes it worse. A person with depression needs, no matter what their triggers are:

  • Regular occupation to keep them busy, which could be work or other activities that keep the brain working in constructive ways
  • Social interactions at least with the people they are familiar with and love and trust, no matter how disinclined the patient of depression may be to take part in gatherings
  • Rigorous physical exercise to get the heart rate up and fitness in place, while having endorphins released to ensure a feel good factor

But what is most important for a victim of clinical depression is to take their medication with unfailing regularity. This can mean the difference between good health and constantly feeling low, between being able to engage fruitfully with people and being confined to one’s room for weeks at a time, between a productive and happy life and one devoid of positivity.

Things are slowly beginning to change, with at least urban and young Indians coming forward to seek help with depression. Even then, cost of treatment is a deterrent. The average patient of clinical depression needs to visit their psychiatrist about once a month, take antidepressants, and also be in touch with a psychotherapist for weekly sessions. None of these things are cheap, and over time, the costs may become monumental, especially for middle class and low income people.

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