The solar panels are the photovoltaic cell arrangement over solar plate that converts the sunlight to electricity and gives you energy. There are two types of the solar panels:

  • Thermal panel
  • Photovoltaic panel

Thermal panel is used for providing the electricity requirement in the home.

Working of the solar panel:

Solar panels do work by providing you the electricity by the sunlight conversion. You need not to have the different cables for the solar panels in your homes. They can work with the current wiring of your houses. The solar panel price differs from one to another, depending upon the need of yours, you can buy the required panel. There are many solar panels for sale at the discounted prices and many governments are also providing subsidy so as to promote the use of green source of energy.

Maintenance of solar panels:

The solar panel which is used does have the chance of becoming dirty and losing its efficiency. So, maintenance of the solar panel is very necessary in order to maintain the good efficiency of the panel. The dust pollen grain, rainfall etc. does have a bad effect over the panel so you need to have the solar panel cleaned at the regular time periods and do have the best services of the panel every time.


Most of the parts of the solar panel can be recycled. Some of the companies do have the process for taking back the used panel also. They do provide you the required value of the panel and give it back. So, if you are looking for buying the solar panel you can look for the shops that have the deal for taking back too on the good value. There are two kinds of materials separated for valuing the used solar panel:

  • Silicon based modules
  • Non-silicone based module